HEALTHY REFLECTIONS® digestive formulations promote optimum digestion, nutrient availability and help to relieve sensitivity to foods.


    • Gluten Free • Non-Dairy • Non-Soy
    • Vegetarian Capsules • No Added Fillers
    • 100 Capsules per bottle
    • Formulation does NOT include Protease

“Helps Soothe and Support Occasional Digestive Discomfort for those who consume the typical modern diet” *

This unique blend of Vegetarian Enzymes helps promote improved delivery of the herbal ingredients and further support digestion. *

A unique formulation of Vegetarian Enzymes, Herbs & Minerals designed to help:

• Support and soothe the gastrointestinal tract of humans who typically consume the higher protein, fat and carbohydrate modern day diet*

• Support the gastrointestinal system and regularity*

• Support the select blend of herbal extracts and other nutrients beneficial to gastrointestinal health*

• The special blend of lipolytic and carbohydrolytic enzymes included for their potential to support normal gastrointestinal health*

• Support and soothe occasional digestive stress from heartburn or indigestion*

• Support occasional bloating or cramping in the GI tract, occasional diarrhea, occasional indigestion*

• Support the health of the mucosal lining of the GI tract for sensitive individuals who experience occasional distress*

• Support impaired digestion challenges that may trigger discomfort when sugar, spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol, citrus foods, high fat foods, coffee, caffeinated drinks, peppermint or tomatoes are consumed*

• Support and soothe mucous membranes while also absorbing toxins to help relieve mild indigestion and occasional intestinal imbalances*

• Support the use of the enzymes and herbs in this formula whenever the need is felt to help soothe and relieve occasional gastrointestinal discomfort*

• Support proper digestion of the extra fat being eaten in today’s popular low-carbohydrate diet*

• Support the digestion of fats and oils of vegetable and animal origin, including nuts, seeds, all oils i.e. fish oil, flax oil, coconut oil, etc. and fat-soluble nutrients i.e. vitamins A, D, E, and K*

• Support supplemental HCL to help the digestion of some individuals by lowering the stomach’s pH, thus providing low pH enzymes like pepsin to function in a more favorable environment when digesting proteins*

• Support digestive challenges that may be related to insufficient hydrochloric acid (HCL) compromising the digestion of protein and the inability to absorb nutrients – commonly found in middle-age and older individuals who experience increased difficulty digesting heavier meals*

• Support and soothe the mucosal tissue lining the intestinal tract*

• Support and soothe gastric activity*

• Support, soothe and relieve digestive stress*

• Support the elimination process*

• Support metabolization of nutrients from foods*

• Support the immune system*

• Support a healthy gastric environment*

• Support healthy digestive function*

• Support and soothe intestinal and digestive health*

SUGGESTED USE:  2 capsules before every meal and separately from other enzyme formulations. More may be taken any time as needed for occasional indigestion, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

    • When directed by your healthcare professional, it may be beneficial to take this formulation between meals, at bedtime or on an empty stomach to help relieve digestive stressors *
    • Formulation does NOT include Protease for improved tolerance in sensitive individuals*

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