This probiotic formula helps to promote, replenish, maintain and stabilize healthy intestinal flora while helping to improve the health of the digestive and intestinal tract, including the colon – an elimination channel.

A unique blend of enzymes, herbs and minerals in compatible colon health support formulas soothe, aid and help support regularity of the elimination systems and optimal colon health.


    • Gluten Free • Non-Dairy • Non-Soy
    • Vegetarian Capsules • No Added Fillers
    • 90 Capsules per bottle

“Intestinal and Digestive Support” *

REFERIGERATE!  Probiotics, an acid and bile resistant multi-strain supplement, is formulated to help support the intestinal tract with a healthy balance of flora, promote a healthy digestive system, promote nutrient absorption and enhance immune system function *

This very stable broad-spectrum blend of 12 friendly and compatible strains of Probiotics plus 100 mg of chicory-derived Inulin, a Prebiotic, was formulated to help:

  • Support the human GI tract with a healthy balance of intestinal flora*
  • Support a healthy digestive system*
  • Support immune system functions*
  • Optimize Digestive, Intestinal and Immune system health*
  • Inulin, a naturally-derived ingredient, provide a nutritional source for micro flora to become established and thrive in the intestine*
  • Maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the colon*
  • Support the environment for probiotics to flourish, stabilize, and maintain a healthy intestinal probiotic ecosystem*
  • Support challenges with malnutrition, stressed or toxic body systems*
  • Relieve occasional digestive system imbalances*
  • Support digestion of lactose and dairy products*
  • Support intestinal mucosal permeability*
  • Support relief of occasional gas, bloating and upset stomach*
  • Support the body’s natural ability to remove toxins*
  • Relief of occasional diarrhea, various forms*
  • Relieve intestinal bowel regularity or occasional constipation*
  • Support regulation of peristalsis and bowel movements*
  • Support healthy bowel functions*
  • Maintain healthy bowel flora*
  • Support a healthy gastro-intestinal tract*
  • Support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within the normal range*
  • Support and maintain a healthy kidney and urinary tract*
  • Support ability to synthesize B vitamins*
  • Support protein digestion of free amino acids*
  • Support healthy metabolism of fats*
  • Support a healthy respiratory system*
  • Supports healthy skin*
  • Support absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc*
  • Support bioavailability of nutrient absorption*
  • Support the immune system*
  • Support healthy intestinal balance*
  • Support a healthy balance of intestinal flora*
  • Support a healthy Immune system*

SUGGESTED USE:  1 capsule with every meal. Additional capsules may be taken with meals, between meals and/or at bedtime if needed, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • When directed by your healthcare professional, it may be beneficial to also take this formulation between meals or on an empty stomach to further support good flora. *
  • HEALTHY REFLECTIONS® PROBIOTICS, a live culture bacterium, is formulated to ensure that the claimed activity is maintained through the entire shelf life of 12 months after date of manufacture, when stored as recommended. This product is manufactured under optimal conditions for CFU survivability. Upon release, probiotic shipments from the manufacturer are managed to minimize “colony forming units (c.f.u.)” losses during shipment. However, to help preserve maximum activity for the longest amount of time, it’s strongly recommended that the customer refrigerate our probiotics to maintain activity once they have been opened. *
  • Refrigeration ensures maximum potency and stability*
  • HEALTHY REFLECTIONS® PROBIOTICS may be left unrefrigerated for short periods of time, making them convenient for travel *
  • Unopened bottles of HEALTHY REFLECTIONS® PROBIOTICS may be frozen to further extend shelf life *

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