Arlene has had an interest in healthcare and proper nutrition from an early age. By the time she was 13 years old, Arlene was involved in the care of those around her. This interest did not fade as she married and raised three children. However, her direction took a detour during this time in her life as she worked in real estate, insurance, public accounting, and as a farm loan officer. Although these fields were not her real passion, they did help her develop business experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Her interest in “natural” health began in 1980, when she began suffering from severe digestive problems. Conventional diagnostic testing revealed both chemical and food sensitivities, as well as hypoglycemia. As a result, she began educating herself by taking nutritional courses and getting involved in her local coop, Alexandria Health Food Coop. She eventually became a board member and the treasurer of this coop.

In 1983 an auto accident brought all of this to a screeching halt.  A large truck broadsided her vehicle, resulting in spinal injuries. For the next two years, she battled chronic pain, forcing her to take medications and adjust her lifestyle just to get through the day. After regaining her strength, and capitalizing on her experiences as a patient, she sought out courses to be become certified as a Trained Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Home Health Aide and Hospice Training for CNA”s. After five months of being employed in a local nursing home, she decided to specialize in home health care. Working with disabled individuals in home health care took Arlene across the globe and to 48 of the 50 United States. During this time she observed the many health conditions of the elderly, including gastric and indigestion problems (eventually developing into esophageal and colon tumors). These observations inspired Arlene to dedicate her life to determine what prevention options were available for these life-threatening issues.

As the result of another auto accident in 1993, Arlene’s personal struggle with chronic pain continued. Contributing factors included spinal injuries, significant digestive complications, and multiple environmental sensitivities. A substantial head impact also caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in which tests demonstrated the cognitive abilities of a third grader. She struggled with basic tasks, such as writing checks, balancing a checkbook or even the recollection of items located in her own home.

During this time, Arlene’s husband helped her visit many specialists, each diagnosing her with different conditions including fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease, Bechet’s disease, and various other autoimmune disorders. She required the use of oxygen, pain medications, a walker/wheelchair, and was often confined to her home. During this time, she realized that she consistently struggled with constipation, and also noticed “floaters” in her eyesight. She also tested positive for needing kidney dialysis. After several years of physical therapy and multiple pain therapies, she was told by medical experts that “there was nothing more they could do for her”.

The options that were offered included: increased narcotics, long term pain management, and psychological evaluation to help address the pain. Long term nursing home care was predicted as inevitable. After being devastated with that news, she was now faced with quality of life concerns. She knew that to get her health back meant becoming proactive. She prayed for God’s guidance and direction to lead her down a pathway that would guide her recovery – if that be His Will. All the while, Arlene was convinced that the experience she was gaining would allow her to someday help others.

The nightmare continued as she tried, in vain, to get off the pain medications that were slowly destroying her body. Because the pain was so severe, more than one physician advised her that she was faced with surgery and/or a lifetime of morphine. Eventually, with the help of her family, a trip to the emergency room, and a pain patch, she was able to begin tapering off the medications. At this point, Arlene and her husband decided they were going to battle this on their own at home.

After all that her body had endured, “acidity” levels had reached an all-time high peak. She resorted to eating one food at a time to overcome dietary challenges. With the help of family and friends researching certain nutritional dietary supplements, namely “enzymes”, Arlene met an enzyme formulator who greatly encouraged her, telling her “Enzymes will help heal your brain – don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.” Slowly, she experienced changes in brain activity – similar to the on and off effect of a “light bulb”. As instructed by her neurophysiologist and physical therapists, the involvement in creative projects or “Brain Therapy” improved her overall health.

As those around her noticed positive changes, they began asking questions about what led to the success of her recovery. The idea for “Healthy Alternatives™” was born out of this journey that included years of pain and suffering. Arlene knew she needed more education, and although she was concerned that her brain wouldn’t be able to process it all, she began studying enzymes, attending courses and spending countless hours in classrooms and seminars. Her education included everything from Dietary and Herbal Supplements, to Enzymes, Probiotics, Body Cleansing Products and other complimentary health modalities. She was awarded Diplomas as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist,  Nutritional Counseling along with other several other certifications and designations of a Certified Natural Health Professional and Natural Health Consultant.

Arlene’s personal experiences gave her an understanding ear and a compassionate heart for others that were looking for answers to their unanswered health challenges. As Arlene found new and welcome pathways and direction in her life to help accomplish her goals, she was excited to help share those with others.

From his research and practice, Dr Edward Howell, M.D. stated in his book “Enzymes – The Spark of Life!”, “that enzymes are the substance that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that makes life possible.” It was that “Spark of life” Arlene felt as her recovery progressed.

Arlene was approached by a team of healthcare professionals in 2001 that encouraged her to develop her own private label products, incorporating the formulas and knowledge she has gained through her own experiences and education.

This “spark” is what motivated Arlene to create what is today a rapidly growing company specializing in the highest quality enzyme products available. Having personally experienced recovery through the powerful help of enzyme therapies, Arlene feels an immediate connection and desire to help others who are struggling with pain, unresolved health issues, digestive and metabolic problems and a host of other health dysfunctions.

The result was “The Function of Enzymes in Nutrition™” and “Healthy Reflections®”.

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